Sunday, October 17, 2010

Norcross to Greenleaf

From Norcross Pond, RD and I descended back down the Nancy Pond Trail, and from there, we drove to the base of the Old Bridle Path. We made it up to the hut just before Go Time, five o'clock, which is when hut croos start getting ready for dinner. This post is nothing more than a gratuitous display of some pictures I took along the way and outside the hut during dinner.

Nancy Cascades, unusually high in volume for this time of year.

Not too far from the Long Walk campsite.

Up on Agony Ridge, now, looking south along I-93.

Looking down at Profile Lake.

Mr. Jenkinson, snapping away. He likes the color orange.

Camel's Hump, off in Vermont.

Cannon Mountain. The buildings are the top of the tram.


C Neal said...

Nice pictures - makes me homesick for the huts.

RD said...

mmm i do like orange.

best weekend of the entire fall. hands down.