Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Two days in the Chisos

The Sierra Quemada is an arid, tumbling range to the south of the high Chisos, where we were hiking. The Rio Grande and Mexico lie just beyond.

The Window is the only outlet from the Chisos Basin. A 200 foot waterfall lies past the edge, but I couldn't get close enough to see it because the rocks were too smooth.

My companions. Katie Sharar, on the left, and I traded our room at 1630 Dayton while abroad during junior year. Amber works at a homeless shelter in East Austin with Katie, while Yla is a PhD student in Psychology here at UT.

A rattler exploded a couple of feet ahead of Yla on the trail one day. Luckily it slithered off into the brush.

Sunset towards the Window. More on this trip when I've time.


amber lainey said...
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amber lainey said...

lovely photos my friend.

perhaps we could do an exchange--to print off a few copies of your photos de los chisos for the money+book from us on the east side?

enjoy autumn & copious amounts of ben&jerry's up yonder.