Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Galehead Hut: always was, always will be

The summer is racing by up at Galehead. Here are a few pictures of the characters, light, and escapades we've enjoyed up here...

Undercast in the Pemigewasset.


GnightMoon said...

Riely -
Some spectacular pictures there, along with some spectacular tales in the previous post. Keep up the good work, and good blogging.

On a recent jaunt to Steamboat Springs, I met an old friend of yours. I believe his name was Cadwell - a good chap.

Pedro_in_Wyoming said...

I like the two Riely's... The long-haired Riles, rugged muscles flexing, and the contemplative, short-haired Riles, ready for Austin and the genteel banks of the Colorado River. A beautiful juxtaposition. Might I add that I love the pink blazing skull hat? That's hot. Read my blog. Live it. Love it. Peace.